Road travel safety tips for single women

Wrong, wrong and wrong. In both social and business situations throughout the day, Brazilians will often offer um cafezinho a little coffee. It doesn't matter that you may witness others disobeying laws or are cajoled into going along with the crowd; as a foreigner, you should always obey all laws.

31 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers from the Experts

Travel Tips Visiting Cambodia Numerous people have contacted me to get information about visiting Cambodia. One can only imagine what he uses it for. Steer clear of these overpriced kits. If you don't need your credit cards, don't carry them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Do not slow down or speed up more a little, or you will be hit. The real is issued in denominations of 1 real 1 real notes have been discontinued but the coin is everywhere2 reais5 reais10 reais20 reais50 reais and reais.

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Reuters, October 4, Money Cash is best aaah, cash! Many hotels include or offer for an additional fee high speed Internet access plug or a wireless Internet system, if not in the room, then at least at a computer somewhere in the hotel. For this, carry strike-anywhere wooden matches in a waterproof match case with a screw off cap, and also carry road travel safety tips for single women metal match.

Pay for taxis at night instead of walking alone. As of a year ago, there was one checkpoint near Sihanoukville where police want to see foreigner's passports. The Bradesco bank and HSBC bank ATMs, for example, are located throughout the country and offer an English menu option and operate in a manner similar to those in North America, Europe road travel safety tips for single women elsewhere, although you most often have to insert your card more than once.

Relax, do not let your mind create more problems than really exist. One of the many explanations for the triumph of the Khmer Rouge in is that the peasants in the countryside were easy converts to an agrarian movement that promised to take away the ill-gotten gains of the urban exploiters.

Acting without thinking about consequences of your action is an example of poor judgment. You are smart enough to think of a solution. American Express cards are not as widely accepted in Brazil as Visa and Master Card but most hotels as well as many restaurants and stores especially in the larger cities do accept American Express.

In many countries, such as most of Europe, carrying mace or pepper spray is considered a concealed weapon. In Rio de Janeiro, the problem is not the water, it's the delivery system which is old and leaky.

The tourist rate is the amount, say, Brazilians would pay to buy, for example, US dollars. Carry a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Brazilian women may kiss one or both cheeks of other women upon meeting them and, often, kiss men in a similar manner.

Test alarms every month to ensure they work properly. Companies like World Nomads and Allianz offer variants of the same plans, so choose carefully: They will often charge far over the going rate for a ride into town.

You're cheating yourself if you go for less than three days. Other forms of basic and advanced first aid training are available from a variety of sources. Always carry a loud whistle to signal for help.

It is ok to have a couple of drinks but getting drunk in a foreign and unknown place could put you in danger and get you lost. Coins have not been used for many, many years. Down the side streets behind the Capitol Guesthouse on St just west of Monivong you'll find many more, including the popular Narin's.

This is not for tax reasons. Brazilian public health officials are both diligent and quick to respond to any reported case of these or other communicable diseases.

Protecting yourself from theft while traveling means being constantly aware of your surroundings.Thanks to my female staffers and their friends for assembling their top tips for women.

— Rick Steves. Every year, thousands of women, young and old, travel to Europe on their own. About The Author Carol Margolis. Carol Margolis is a travel-loving consultant, speaker, trainer and innovator who works with corporate travel management, HR departments, meeting planners and the travel industry -- and, of course, travelers!

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First Aid and Travel Safety Water and Air Travel Safety. Because of Alaska's size and lack of transportation infrastructure, you most likely will be traveling. Compiled from a decade+ of travel, this is the simply the best resource on how to travel around the world— from planning to packing to working on the road.

First Aid and Travel Safety

Visiting Paris is an experience that every traveler should have. Paris is the first city I fell in love with. More than 70 countries later, it’s still my favorite city in the world. Since my first trip at the age of 16, I’ve returned seven more times, trying to uncover more layers of the city on each visit.

Road travel safety tips for single women
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