Cute quotes about dating your best friend

Pookie Bear — This nickname is so cute it hurts. If people call me cute, I am happier. Slick — For the smooth guy. You always know just what to say to make smile.

Frozen Fire — Very cute way to call a guy who is always quiet but still hot tempered. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you just lost it. My Love — A nickname that lets him know how much he means to you.

Snuggle Bug — An adorable nickname for the guy you like to snuggle with. A year ago, we were together, celebrating your day. Her smell, her smile, her soul.

Have a wonderful time, happy birthday. Playboy — He loves to play with the ladies and knows how to make them wet. Dear guys, please get off of Facebook, take yourself outside, be a gentleman, and learn how to approach a woman in the real world, preferably one who is single and available.

Your mood at night depends on your playlist…!

40 Cute Things to Text Your Boyfriend

Her memories to him were like flowers in the morning and stars at night. Through university, I experienced a long distance relationship. Love became a memory I fear to remember. Snookums — An adorable nickname, but one that may be too gushy for some guys.

This pet name is great for guys with a sweet tooth, or who are just too adorable for words. It will always be YOU. Plus you get a brand new comfy pajama shirt. He will seriously love this text and is something you need to send him ASAP!

Sugar Lips — For the guy with seriously kissable and sweet lips. Loving Your Long Distance Relationship definitely helped us get through and we're as happy as ever now.

Wire — Because every device has a wire. Glad supporter of untidy hair and warm up pants. But first, let me take a selfie. Darling — Another classic pet name for the one you love. Besides from that, today is your birthday and I think that there is no better reason to celebrate in a big way, enjoying together with your family and celebrating with friends.

The woman with the highest walls has the deepest love. Exams Over Stay sharp and far from timid. You broke me with a heartbreak but, why are you still breaking me with those memories?

Sexy Devil — For the guy who is devilishly sexy.

Very Nice Birthday Letters For Your Ex-Boyfriend | Birthday Messages

Although we are done as a couple, I still think many things were left unsaid and I would like to express myself. Long line at Starbucks, first world problems.

Stallion — For the manly man who makes you weak in the knees.

Cute Quotes & Sayings

No matter how busy a person is if they really care they will always find time for you. Some days start better than others. Rise and shine, it's time for wine! The smell of cinnamon rolls Birthday mornings Friends Source Friends appreciate you thinking of them in the morning, too!

My Everything — If he means the world to you, this is the right nickname for him.Sometimes, simply saying “good morning” doesn’t seem like it’s enough—to you, at least. Finding new clever and creative ways to say good morning can become a tradition in your house or with your significant others or friends.

Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend From Girlfriend. So, for your sweet and cute boyfriend below you will find the most romantic bday quotes for boyfriend. 21 Best Love Quotes of All Time. From The Hunger Games to The Notebook to Beyoncé, here are your new favorite quotes about *~love~*.

Cool Instagram Captions – Best Good, Funny, Cute and Selfie Quotes

While it is more typical for boyfriends to say sweet things to their girlfriends, guys appreciate hearing cute things as well. Never underestimate how much a nice comment can lift up your boyfriend’s day.

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DIY 23 Adorable Ways To Say "I Love You" To Your Best Friend. They may drive you crazy, but you couldn't imagine your life without them.

Cute quotes about dating your best friend
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